Sourdough Geek Out

Atticus Bakery & Bookstore manager Charlie Negaro Jr and baker Josh Kanter talk about their glorious infatuation with sourdough bread making & grain growing - two exceptional new ventures for this 2nd generation establishment in New Haven, CT.

The Food Squad Does Strawberries

Iroquois Strawberry Drink, Sexy Strawberry Vinaigrette, Mohegan friendship berries, Black food wisdom, Grandma's Jam, the berry pickers boycott, and more! Guests Rachel Sayet, Raquel Pablo Rivera, and Farron Harvey dig in with host Tagan Engel on, culture, race, joy, and liberation through strawberries.

When Women Chefs Run The Kitchen

Robin Bodak (co-owner and head chef) and Dignity Maille (cook) of the restaurant Next Door talk about their women-centric kitchen culture, outstanding and unpretentious food, cultural appropriation vs kitchen creativity, and the real challenges of running a restaurant that values both the workers and local farmers.


A collection of short stories on the lives and work of twelve people who explore the landscape of race, change making, education & community around Connecticut. Host Tagan Engel recorded these stories and many more as part of a larger multi media project in 2018 to mark the 25th anniversary year of the Graustein Memorial Fund. To learn more go to

Yoruba Orisa Tradition in Practice

Babalawo, Priest of Ifa Enroue Halfkenny, Onigbana Sangofemi (and husband of host Tagan Engel ;-) shares an overview of the traditional religion of the Yoruba people, and what it looks like in daily life. He speaks on this indigenous African tradition as a path towards personal and communal healing and a wholistic framework for healing our broken society. 

Farming While Black

Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm on her new book Farming While Black, the Afro/Indigenous roots of sustainable agriculture and the work of supporting people of color in finding Liberation on Land. 

Three Fab Food Folks - Live Show

Three enthusiastic New Haven, CT food system change agents share their personal journeys, as well as their visions and practices for transformative change...oh and pulses, pirogies and Guatemalan black beans too... with Guests Latha Swamy, Genesis Vicente, and Austin Bryniarski