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Cookie Infatuation

10 favorite cookie recipes with tons of variations ranging from sweet buttery melt-aways and the best soft-gingerbread to a few dairy, gluten free and low-sugar treats. 

Hot Chocolate Pie

The pie that everyone sneaks back over to the table for, trying to snag another slice. Warm, rich, not too heavy or sweet, and the flavor and texture of the chocolate soufflé-like filling is out of this world.

The Beauty of Real Ice Cream

Ice cream entrepreneur Netta Hadari talks about his passionate quest to create real ice cream, commercially produced with amazing flavors and no artificial ingredients or stabilizers. And... when you care about social justice, why does ice cream matter? 

Pavlova & Pink Grapefruit Curd

Sometimes you go simple, and sometimes you go grand, this was one of the grand times, and meringue wows every time. A dessert perfect for Passover, adding sweetness to the end of the night of remembering slavery and oppression, and a moment to look towards the sweetness of liberation.

Maple Moon Native Recipes

Maple syrup is used by native peoples in the northeast to sweeten recipes. Rachel Sayet, Mohegan food expert shares a few of her favorites from Abenaki Elder Dale Carson, including strawberry cornbread and maple baked beans.