CTiff Eat

Food lover and instagramer Tiffany Jones - "CTiff Eat", talks about her family's fabulous soul food, her favorite restaurants in Bridgeport & CT, colorism and her dreams of what's to come. 

The Beauty of Real Ice Cream

Ice cream entrepreneur Netta Hadari talks about his passionate quest to create real ice cream, commercially produced with amazing flavors and no artificial ingredients or stabilizers. And... when you care about social justice, why does ice cream matter? 

Sanctuary Kitchen

Hear from Sanctuary Kitchen co-founder Sumiya Kahn about this new organization that helps talented refugee cooks connect with their new communities by offering cooking classes, supper clubs and starting food businesses. Fatema, a warm and charming cook who is a refugee from Syria, shares her impressions of life and food in America, and her family recipe for Basbousa, a semolina yogurt cake, soaked in rose and orange flower water syrup. A wonderful balance of real life and sweet pleasures.