Adventures in Good Bread + Food Advocate NYC


Live interview, Geeking out on whole grains with Whole G bread bakery owners Andrea Corazzini and Kiara Matos who share their journey from Venezuela to New Haven, CT and in a relatively short amount of time have built up a successful bakery and two cafes featuring whole grain breads inspired by German baking traditions. It is clear from the food they make and the beauty of their cafes, adorned with hand-thrown pottery made by Kiara, that these two are both great artists.

Check back next week, after my visit to the Whole G bakery, I'll have more pictures, video, and answers to a few more questions about bread, business, and the lives of these two inspiring entrepreneur/artists. 


Kris Erskine (front left above) of Community Food Advocates NYC shares a beautiful speech and her insights on food justice, youth organizing and culturally relevant community building.

Coming soon... the extended interview with Kris Erskine, check back next week!