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Sourdough Geek Out

Atticus Bakery & Bookstore manager Charlie Negaro Jr and baker Josh Kanter talk about their glorious infatuation with sourdough bread making & grain growing - two exceptional new ventures for this 2nd generation establishment in New Haven, CT.


A collection of short stories on the lives and work of twelve people who explore the landscape of race, change making, education & community around Connecticut. Host Tagan Engel recorded these stories and many more as part of a larger multi media project in 2018 to mark the 25th anniversary year of the Graustein Memorial Fund. To learn more go to

CTiff Eat

Food lover and instagramer Tiffany Jones - "CTiff Eat", talks about her family's fabulous soul food, her favorite restaurants in Bridgeport & CT, colorism and her dreams of what's to come.