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Tagan is the founder of The Table Underground radio show, podcast and website.  She has 20+ years experience working in food, as a chef, entrepreneur, activist, policy maker, business consultant and community builder. The main threads through her life and work are a passionate love of all things food and a deep connection with people and their stories as a source for justice and transformational change. The Table Underground is a place to make visible and share this love of food, community, story and justice.  
Tagan is a wife and mother of two in a family that "is her dream come true".  She is Jewish, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and also a practitioner in the Yoruba tradition of which her husband is a Babalawo.  She is from New Haven, CT and has lived in NYC & Boston and traveled and cooked on many continents around the world.

Before The Table Underground, Tagan wrote about food and life on her blog Tagan's Kitchen where you can find some of her writings and recipes from 2009 to 2016.

The theme song for The Table Underground episodes is Still Shining by The Passion HiFi  - We are so grateful for this fab beat and their free open-source music!  www.thepassionhifi.com